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Welcome as a new member of Min A-Kasse

Know the rules in 30 minutes

There are so many rules to follow when you are unemployed, but we are presenting a selection of those you need to know and follow when you are unemployed and receiving Dagpenge. We will help you to gain an overview and provide some pointers to help you navigate your way through. Our most important task is to help you during this period. Furthermore, we want you to be back in employment as soon as possible!

Feel free to contact us if you need our help.
Just ask us any questions if you are in doubt about anything.

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Signing on and signing off

You cannot receive Dagpenge if you are not signed on (registered) with the Jobcenter.

You need to sign on (register) with the Jobcenter from your first day of unemployment. Go into jobnet.dk and register your status as an unemployed recipient of Dagpenge. If you prefer to register in person, you have the possibility to visit your local Jobcenter.

You must declare yourself well after an illness om Jobnet.dk the very first day you are well, and you wish to receive Dagpenge. When you declare yourself well you are automatically signed on. 

If you start a full-time job, or for any other reason will no longer receive Dagpenge, you must sign off from Jobnet yourself.

You are signed off automatically if you, for example, stop booking meetings within a given time period. Naturally, you can sign up again if you wish to receive Dagpenge.

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An A-Kasse is a private organisation whose function is to provide unemployment insurance for its members. The Danish A-Kasse is an official organisation that follows state legislation concerning unemployment. A-Kasse is obliged to follow and administer the rules that have been passed in the Danish Parliament. Therefore, A-Kasse pays out Dagpenge, severance (“efterløn”) and holiday Dagpenge on behalf of the state.

As a member of Min A-Kasse, our website offers you complete access to self-service and your personal digital post. The website is also where you send information and documents to us, and at the same time receive communication such as messages and letters from us.

For security reasons, all our communication is digital, via self-service using MitID. You are therefore obliged to check your digital post on a daily basis.

Of course, you can always call us, or visit us in person at one of our offices – but we recommend that you learn how to use self-service via our website from the very beginning. This makes it more efficient, quicker and safer to assist you – both for you as our member, and also for us.


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The hours you have worked are deducted from your Dagpenge, which is why it is important to tell us on your Dagpenge card how many hours you have worked.

Even though you are given reduced working hours, you still need to search actively for jobs, fill in your Joblog and be available for work.

Once your eligibility for Supplementary Dagpenge has been used up after 30 weeks, you can give up your part-time job as an employee without having sanctions imposed on you, even though you have resigned yourself.

If you are self-employed in your own company, you need to decide whether you can manage without Dagpenge, or close your company, after 30 weeks have passed.

It is possible to extend your right to Supplementary Dagpenge by up to 12 weeks.

You can also earn a completely new eligibility for Supplementary Dagpenge for 30 weeks.

If, as an employee, you are covered by a termination notice, you can only receive Supplementary Dagpenge if you can choose your working hours, of if your employer signs a Statement of Release.

Statement of Release means that the employer declares that they agree that you can leave their employment immediately and without notice, if you are offered a full-time job.

You have 5 weeks to obtain your Statement of Release from your employer. The deadline is set from when you start working until the Statement of Release is in the hands of your A-Kasse.

Statement of Release means that the employer declares that they agree that you can leave their employment immediately and without notice, if you are offered a full-time job.

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You send your Dagpenge card via self-service.

Your Dagpenge is paid in arrears each month. In self-service, you can sign up for a notification reminding you to send in your Dagpengekort. You must send it to us no later than a month + 10 days after that month as covered by the Dagpenge card. Otherwise, you risk losing your Dagpenge.

All the information you need to give us is stated in the guide to filling in the Dagpenge card. We recommend that you read the instructions before sending the Dagpenge card to us.

While you are unemployed, you are unconditionally obliged to inform us of any circumstances at all that can affect your rights.

For example, you are obliged to always inform us if, during one month, you have had an income, work, taken holiday, been ill or any other situations that can affect your right to Dagpenge.

As a rule, you can only receive Dagpenge for the days/hours where you have been fully available to work, but have been unemployed.

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Your local municipality is responsible for the local Jobcenter. Jobcenters have the concrete task of helping all unemployed citizens into work and helping companies to find the employees they need.

Jobcenters exchange personal data about you with your A-Kasse, such as your Joblog.

Jobcenters use the website Jobnet.dk as an online platform for job-seekers and employers across the whole country.

Jobnet.dk offers a host of facilities you must use once you have registered yourself as unemployed. It is here that you upload your online CV, book meetings with the Jobcenter and keep yourself oriented on arrangements and activities.

Jobcenters follow developments in the Danish job market and together with the regions, contribute to creating a statistical overview of Denmark’s employment situation.

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Your CV on Jobnet

You must upload your current CV on Jobnet.dk, so employers and the Jobcenter have online access to it.

It is essential that your CV contains all the relevant information about your educational and professional work background, and other data that would be relevant for companies.

You must also remember to include your contact details, so companies and the Jobcenter can contact you.

Within the first 2 weeks of your unemployment, you will be invited to a 1:1 meeting to discuss your CV. If you have not had your CV approved within this 2 week period, you will lose your right to receive Dagpenge. You will remain ineligible for Dagpenge until your CV has been approved.

Before attending this meeting, it is important that your CV has already been uploaded into Jobnet. You are responsible for keeping your CV updated regularly while you are unemployed.

During this meeting, we will go through and approve your CV, make sure that it contains all the necessary information, and check that this information that is clearly visible to both potential employers and the Jobcenter.

We will also enter into an agreement on “Krav til jobsøgning” (“ Job-searching Requirements”) and prepare “Min Plan” – “My Plan”.

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Job-searching Requirements

Requirements for job-searching is a binding agreement for your job-searching strategy.

This agreement sets the framework for how you should search for jobs, which job sectors you should focus on, and the geographical scope of your search.

You are obliged to apply for permanent, full-time positions (with either part-time or full-time insurance).

You must apply primarily for advertised jobs, and your applications should meet the standards expected from your sector.

It is important to remember that part of your commitment to being available for work is to fulfil your obligation to actively search for work during your period of unemployment.

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Being available for work

During your period of unemployment, it is our responsibility to regularly assess whether you are fully available for work

As long as you follow the rules explained to you, you will retain your right to receive Dagpenge. Following both the job-searching requirements expected of you, and filling in your Joblog regularly, confirm your availability for work. We are focused on your continual and active efforts to find work.   

You must be able to demonstrate the initiatives you are actively taking to find work.

The information you provide in your digital Joblog provides both us and the Jobcenter with an overview of how your job-searching is functioning. Your job-searching must be as effective, serious and as focused as possible.

Each week, you must apply for a sufficient number of jobs, in relation to the amount of jobs offered within the sectors agreed upon in your plan. You must also be willing to apply for jobs you can do within other branches, if there are not enough positions to apply for in your main sector.

If you are insured full-time, you must apply for permanent full-time positions (37 hours per week). If you are insured part-time, you must apply for part-time positions (30 hours per week).

You must upload examples of your actual job applications each month in your Joblog.

If you do not fulfil these conditions, and are not considered to be fully available for work, you will lose your right to Dagpenge.

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Other basic/essential/necessary duties

Apart from actively seeking work, there are other essential obligations you must fulfil:

You must:

• Have residence and right of stay in Denmark
• You must be registered as unemployed at the Jobcenter
• You must check your digital and ordinary post on a daily basis
• You must be able to take a job at the start of the working day from one day to the next
• You are prepared to take a job that has up to a total of 3 hours’ commuting time (using public transport)
• You book meetings with both the Jobcenter and your A-Kasse yourself
• You are able to attend meetings with your A-Kasse, the Jobcenter or the external cooperative partner
• You are able to participate in activities and offers the day after you have received an invite

In general, you will hold contact with the Jobcenter and A-Kasse by attending meetings and activities, and informing us of holiday or illness while you are unemployed.

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My plan

Preparing “My Plan” is done in the last part of the meeting

My Plan is designed to help you with your job search. It contains an overview of the possibilities offered to you from the Jobcenter to improve or support your job-searching opportunities.

The Jobcenter activates My Plan if you need some concrete offers to help you. You are obliged to undertake the activities offered to you. 

It is the Jobcenter’s responsibility to notify you before the offers begin and decide exactly what these offers contain. The Jobcenter will send this information to your E-Boks.

Some of the offers involve Jobcenters making agreements with educational institutions or firms to undertake the task. When external organisations are involved, this 3rd party is called a “cooperative partner”.

The external cooperative partner will function just as the Jobcenter would have done, if they were to undertake the task themselves.

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Meetings and activities

  • You must stay in contact with the Jobcenter and your A-Kasse while you are unemployed
  • You are obliged to attend meetings and activities you have been invited to at the Jobcenter, your A-Kasse, or with the cooperative partner. This also counts for meetings you have booked yourself.
  • You are also obliged to participate in meetings and offers provided by the Jobcenter or the cooperative partner.
  • If you have been asked to book a meeting, it is essential that you do so within the deadline given for booking the meeting
  • If you experience technical problems with the booking system, please contact the person requesting the meeting before the deadline expires
  • If you fail to book the meeting before the deadline comes, you will be signed off from the Jobcenter
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If things don’t work out….

The Dagpenge system in Denmark has been in existence for over 100 years.

It has changed over time, but from the very beginning it has been built up in the spirit that as long as the information you supply is correct, we will honour our duty in the very same spirit, by giving you the right to receive Dagpenge.

If it transpires that the information you provided is not correct, and if you wrongly received Dagpenge, then we expect you to pay it back.

We will always assess the reason for paying back Dagpenge.

If the cause is an unintentional error or carelessness on your part, you will be given a period of sanction of up to 37 hours.

If it is discovered that you have deliberately given your A-Kasse the wrong information, a serious period of sanction of up to 962 hours will follow. We are also obliged to report this to the police.

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Your options

It is possible to receive Dagpenge while you are taking vocational training lasting up to 6 weeks.

Before applying for education, you would have received Dagpenge for 5 weeks. Furthermore, the education must be taken and completed within 6-9 months of your unemployment. You cannot apply for vocational training if you have a higher education. The training offered is practical in nature, and on the level of AMU or individual subjects at business college.

Please contact the Jobcenter and educational institution well before the educational course begins.

Whilst receiving Dagpenge, it is also possible to participate in other forms of education, such as on state school level, evening classes, singular college subjects under 20 hours per week, and other such education that does not entitle you to SU. 

Should you wish to enrol onto educational courses, you must inform us.

It is necessary for you to have approval from your A-Kasse, and while you are taking training, you must still be fully available for work, and be actively looking for jobs.

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Activities in Min A-Kasse

We hold regular job cafes for our unemployed members

The job cafes give you the chance to gain tips and advice about your CV and job applications. You will gain knoweldge about recruitment processes and job interviews and you will learn how to use LinkedIn. You will gain inspiration for new methods for job-searching.

We gladly invite external guest speakers to these job cafes to talk to you about the current job market and hear what recruiters are looking out for. Our guest speakers will also talk about current job-hunting trends on social media, etc.

Our members are pleased to have this great possibility to be updated and at the same time have the opportunity to broaden their network. Members also receive sparring about the jobs market in general, and their own job-searching strategy.

Min A-Kasse also offers cooperation with experts who offer great job-searching tools and who know a great deal about how and where you can find your next job.

Please contact us or look at our website, where you will be able to find further information about our jobcafe and other activities  


Questionnaire for unemployed members after going through the Dagpenge rule guide from Min A-Kasse

This questionnaire will ask you 10 different questions related to what you have understood after studying the Dagpenge rule guide. Some of the questions ask for just one correct answer, while others allow you to select more than one correct answer. To answer the questions, please would you place a X next to the answer or answers you believe to be correct.

Start the test
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In order to qualify for Dagpenge, you must be registered as being unemployed at the Jobcenter. How do you register?

You must choose only ONE answer

2 / 10

As an unemployed person, you have the possibility to receive Dagpenge while you are upgrading your qualifications for the jobs market. What possibilities for training and upgrading of skills are available to you, when you are on Dagpenge?

You may choose one or more answers

3 / 10

To receive Dagpenge, you must: “be available for work in the jobs market”. What criteria must you meet to be available for work?

You may choose one or more answers

4 / 10

What are the ”Requirements for Job Searching”?

You must choose only ONE answer

5 / 10

If you are working reduced hours or you are self-employed in your own company, you can still apply for Dagpenge. What information do you need to send Min A-Kasse when you are applying for Supplementary Dagpenge?

You must choose only ONE answer

6 / 10

What information is important for you to remember to note down on your Dagpenge card?

You may choose one or more answers

7 / 10

To receive your Dagpenge payment, you must fill in a Dagpenge card. Where do you find it?

You must choose only ONE answer

8 / 10

When is it acceptable for you to be absent from a meeting or an activity that has been arranged by Min A-Kasse or the Jobcenter?

You may choose one or more answers

9 / 10

What criteria/conditions must you fulfil to receive Dagpenge – apart from being registered at the Jobcenter?

You may choose one or more answers

10 / 10

What happens if I do not show up for a meeting at Min A-Kasse and/or the Jobcenter?

You must choose only ONE answer

Thank you for completing the guide. We look forward to seeing you for the first interview.

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