Make the best CV & Coverletter

This workshop is for you, who want to be inspired and have input for making the best CV and cover letter. Having a good CV and a good application increases your chances of getting a job interview and thus getting the job of your dreams. But what is a good CV and a good application?

The workshop focuses on what you can write in your material to hit the mark with the employers. What do they want to hear and how can you tell them so that they will take notice too? We cover topics such as layout and setup, content and structure. We look at concrete examples from which we speak. At the workshop, we will also discuss how you approach the unsolicited application.

For the best outcome, ask questions and participate actively. Please have the camera on so we can see each other

18. september 2024
09:00 - 12:00

17. september. kl. 09:00

Der er 12 pladser der fordeles efter først til mølle.

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