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When you get a job

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Get exempted from job search when starting a new job

Have you got a new job? First of all, congratulations!

If you have less than 6 weeks until you start your new job, you can be exempted from job search. The scheme is called "Less intensive effort". Specifically, this means that you can be exempted from searching for a job, filling out a job log and participating in offers and meetings with us and at your job center. To be covered by the scheme, you generally need to be able to present a signed contract or similar.

Are you going on maternity leave, early retirement, state pension, early retirement or starting a full-time education? Then you can also apply to be exempt from job search for up to 6 weeks before you go on maternity leave.

How to apply for job search exemption

You must apply to be exempted from job search. You apply to the person you are in contact with; either the unemployment fund or your job center.

Have you been unemployed for less than 3 months of your unemployment benefit entitlement?
Then you need to apply for an exemption from us. You do this by logging in to Self Service and following the steps below:

  1. Select post
  2. Write a new message with the subject Jobs and meetings
  3. Write the following in the headline, "I'm getting a job/starting education"
  4. Select Employment documentation or Training start documentation and upload your documentation (e.g. an employment contract). The documentation from your employer must state that it is a full-time job (37 hours) and the date of employment. 

Have you been unemployed for more than 3 months of your unemployment benefit entitlement?
Then you need to contact your job center, as they are the ones who must approve your exemption.

Once we or your job center has approved that you are in a less intensive intervention, you no longer need to apply for jobs or job logs. You also don't need to come to interviews with us or the job center.

You must still be registered as unemployed and available

Even though you are exempt, you must still be available for any work that your job center refers you to. Therefore, your CV must still be completed and searchable on, and you must reside and be domiciled in Denmark.

Sidst men ikke mindst, så husk! – du skal stadig være tilmeldt som ledig på, selvom du er fritaget for jobsøgning. Ellers må vi ikke udbetale dig dagpenge.

Your first day on the job

På din første arbejdsdag er det vigtig, at du husker at afmelde dig som ledig på